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In Gospel-Centered Mom, Brooke McGlothlin, using the Truth of God’s word, reconfigures the definition of who and what we are to be. When we direct our energy and focus on Christ first, our roles as mothers flow from that place of fullness. A re-direction we all need.

Lynn Cowell
Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and author of Brave Beauty: Finding the Fearless You

“Brooke’s warmth and authenticity draw you into each story she shares. Through her honesty you connect with her. Her struggles are your struggles. But she’s not throwing a pity party about the trials of motherhood. In Gospel-Centered Mom, Brooke challenges her readers to embrace their insufficiencies and accept Jesus’s enough-ness. She argues against striving and offers rest in Him. Motherhood isn’t for wimps. Brooke’s book is a dare—a dare to keep the Gospel at the center instead of our kids or ourselves.”

Rachael Carman
Homeschool mother of seven, RachaelCarman.com

“Brooke’s honest, transparent approach to Gospel-centered parenting is incredibly refreshing. Moms need to hear the truth even when it hurts, and Brooke is the perfect person to deliver it as she shares humbly from her own experience raising hard-to-handle boys. I am grateful for Brooke’s obedience in sharing what we need to hear over what we want to hear. After reading Gospel-Centered Mom, I feel like I just finished a much-needed coffee date with a precious friend.”

Monica Swanson
Author and writer at MonicaSwanson.com

“Gospel-Centered Mom is a must-read for every Christian mom who constantly doubts that she is succeeding at motherhood. Brooke cuts right to the heart of what most moms wrestle with day-to-day, and she invites readers in like old friends engaging in an honest conversation with a cup of coffee in one hand and a Bible in the other. This book is chock full of applicable Bible verses and heartfelt stories that meet moms right where they are and gracefully unpacks both the hard truths and beautiful truths that moms need to accept and embrace. This book eased my mama heart, encouraged me to be a stronger advocate for my children, and taught me practical ways to keep God at the center of my parenting and daily life.”

Ashley Willis
Coauthor of 7 Days to a Stronger Marriage

“This book is like a compass for moms, offering practical direction as we journey forward in faith, trusting and living from the truth of God’s Word, not getting lost in our fading feelings, passing circumstances, or moments of struggle. With vulnerable stories, Brooke echoed my fears and feelings of inadequacy in motherhood and pointed my heart back to the fundamental truth that I will indeed never be adequate, but God always is—and He is with me.”

Francie Winslow
Author and speaker

“I’ve watched this message beautifully played out in Brooke’s life long before she wrote these words on the page. She isn’t saying these things because they are popular; she is saying them because they are true. Brooke is the perfect person to remind us that being a Gospel-centered mom drives us every day to our true source of strength: Jesus. I believe this book will bring a message of freedom and hope to moms everywhere.”

Stacey Thacker
Author of Fresh Out of Amazing

“Motherhood has been so much harder than I ever imagined. Reading Brooke’s words helped me realize I’m not the only one to feel that way. Her message of moving past me and always toward Jesus and His Good News is exactly what I need as I navigate life as a mom. I’m grateful for the truth I was reminded of in Gospel-Centered Mom: the hope of the Gospel is enough for me, for my children, for all of us.”

Erin Mohring
Cofounder of the MOB Society and Raising Boys Ministries and writer at HomeWithTheBoys.net

“I feel like Brooke McGlothlin is a kindred spirit I have yet to meet. She’s been doing for mothers of boys through the MOB Society what I’ve been seeking to do for mothers of girls through Secret Keeper Girl. You’ll find a dozen ways that this book re-anchors your parenting to God’s Word. She brings the practical theology of the Scriptures alive!”

Dannah Gresh
Best-selling author and creator of Secret Keeper Girl


“I feel like I wrote the book because every page has all of my feelings, emotions, battles, heart-cries, joys, desires….on it! I have been sharing with my friends and already two have pre-ordered. I plan to lead my homeschool mamas group through this amazing book this upcoming fall semester! I am excited to have the opportunity to being this blessing into their lives! Thank you, Brooke McGlothlin, for this!”


“Oh how these truths from The Gospel Centered Mom rattle around in my brain. Praying for our Lord Jesus to help them stick in my heart!”


“I think Brooke hit the truth square on with the ME gospel. We’ve lost our perspective and see God as a genie instead of the all-powerful creator of everything whom we are meant to serve. It’s not Him for me, it’s me for HIM. {Lord please help me live this. I can’t do it on my own!}”


“That feeling you get when reading, when every ounce of you wants to put the book down and run b/c the book has made you really examine your life and motherhood… but you keep reading b/c God is using this book to grow you to look more like him and growing is hard sometimes. So very guilty and yet so very convicted. Already I can think of a handful of moms that need this “life preserve” like I did and still do.”


“Goodness Brooke McGlothlin. Your words just hit me like a ton of bricks.”


“This book has been such a blessing and each and every page speaks personally to me.”


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